Sound Journeys

What is a Sound Journey and why would you want to do one?

Sound Journeys/sound baths/sound meditations/gong baths are all more or less the same thing and delivered to a group -an immersion in sound using unusual instruments to create different effects..

Sound Journey
Sound Journey
Sound Journey
The title of the session may reflect a focus on a different instrument or theme -i.e. a sound meditation may be simply with Himalayan singing bowls, or a gong bath focusing on the wonderful gongs, or a journey which may incorporate some focus around a particular theme such as astrology or the equinox, or focusing on an intention such as to gain insight.
Over the years many studies and research have shown the impact sound has over our system. Experience has shown clients health can improve when symptoms ease from:
We work with the energetic system to explore and balance the root cause of illness or tension to reduce symptoms and eradicate them where possible.

Soundsphere has been delivering all of the above since 2009 at yoga studios, church halls, in private homes or community centres, and now also online from our bespoke studio in Scotland.

Thousands of people have taken part over this time -many returning regularly as it helps them to feel balanced, or peaceful or restful -easing symptoms of chronic pain, reducing high blood pressure, ending tension headaches and a huge proportion reporting improved sleep and sleep patterns. 

All of the above have been witnessed repeatedly reinforcing the Soundsphere commitment to bringing and sharing therapeutic sound with as many people as possible.

You can also book Suzy to come to your venue and group, and this can be incorporated into a weekend of workshops and individual treatments if requested. Please contact us directly for private bookings

Venue or Home

Guests can attend a live session in our lovely yurt in Peebles or our regular church venue in Edinburgh Or take part from the comfort of your own home by joining one of the online sessions

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