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One of the most wonderful aspects of working with sound therapy is that it is an energy medicine and the sound travels through every particle that exists.

Through your body, the chair, the wall, the trees, the rocks…and on and on. Sound (or the vibration) cannot be blocked out unless you are in a vacuum box!

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Suzy's sound journey
Sound journey

Sound is a type of energy made by vibrations. When an object vibrates, it causes movement in surrounding air molecules.

These molecules bump into the molecules close to them, causing them to vibrate as well. This makes them bump into more nearby air molecules and is termed “baton passing”, like in a relay race.  

When we combine sound with an intention sound becomes the messenger, carrying the intention to where we wish to send it -similar to prayer – and this makes it doubly powerful.

Understanding this and feeling strongly called to offer Earth Healing gatherings and Retreats Suzy is now offering occasional weekend Retreats from her home base in Peebles, Scotland, and preparing group sessions to travel to particular sacred sites.

These site visits can help to “cleanse” the energy of the site and re-energise it. Some visits will be incorporated into the weekend or week-long retreats where guests will also undergo preparation beforehand: such as training in using some of the instruments, plus additional aspects for earth healing work such as protection and the history of the site to be visited.

Stuff I've done....

Previous work has taken place in Arran, off the west Coast of Scotland, and around Peebles which is on the Belinus Leyline where a number of sites are regularly visited -the labyrinth in Glentress forest, the Cross Kirk and Roslyn chapel and Glen to name but a few.

A particular calling is to work with the Sacred Wells around the UK and in Ireland, bringing our sound offerings to these places, and cleansing and energising them.

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