We are delighted to bring you a brand new programme for children to support their mental wellbeing and life skills.

Over the last 12 years, Soundsphere has worked with children of all ages to introduce Therapeutic Sound to babies in nurseries, early years classes, primary and secondary schools.

This has led to a great experience in how the sound support and inspire them.

And now we are delighted to be able to offer this to all schools either through a visit or a digital version

Suzy Nairn and Soundsphere in schools

Primary 1 and 2, Tapestry of Sound project...

It made me feel happy and calm...

It made me happy and sleepy...

It made me feel loving...

When I shut my eyes I saw a Chinese bell and it was beautiful...

I felt like I was at the beach...

School pupils enjoying a sound journey

There is no doubt about the power of therapeutic sound to help settle busy worrying minds, instil a sense of peace and support people through difficult times. This applies to children too.

Bringing in meditation practices to schools has been shown to help children become more focused, calm, quiet, settled and rested by providing them with an opportunity to learn to relax and reflect.

In a therapeutic sound session, the sounds of special instruments are woven together in a particular way to encourage a natural slowing down of the brainwaves to a more restful place.

This can help people of all ages to cope with life and may also stimulate the imagination and improve overall wellbeing.

Soundsphere are delighted to offer therapeutic sound experiences to suit a variety of schools, age ranges and budgets.

The selection includes:

Each session is tailored to the appropriate age range and linked to the CfE Experiences & Outcomes. Sessions can link with Music or Science, or be part of Health Week.

Group Therapeutic Sound Relaxation

For a group relaxation a qualified Sound Therapist can visit your school and deliver sessions throughout the day to different classes, with a special session also delivered to teachers and staff if requested.

Or this can be delivered live remotely from the new Soundsphere Studio based in the Scottish Borders. Alternatively, a pre-recorded session can be produced for your school.

In-person visit by a qualified Sound Therapist in Central Scotland, Fife, Scottish Borders (other areas may be possible by arrangement)

Half day: £350 (can deliver sessions to individual classes or large groups)
Full day: £700-800 (depending on number of sessions and location)

Tapestry of Sound

For a Tapestry of Sound project we can deliver in person at your school, or you can purchase the Digital version, which can be used repeatedly over the year/s.

This project also includes the loan of a beautiful Sound Box, which provides a good selection of interesting instruments including Himalayan singing bowls and percussion.

Tapestry of Sound Project

In person delivery:
6 weeks of visits, 2 classes per day and loan of Sound Box: £1800
Digital Delivery:
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